Monday, 19 November 2012

SALES!!!!! SALES!!!!! SALES!!!!!!!


  1. Anna Sui Night Of Fancy EDT 100ml RM240.RM140
  2. Anna Sui Night Of Fancy EDT 50ml   RM190. RM120
  3. Britney Spear Hidden Fantasy EDP 100ml + Body soufle 100ml RM250.RM150
  4. Britney Spear Radiance EDP 100ml  RM200 RM150
  5. Burberry Sport EDT  50ml + Body Lotion 50+ 7.5ml miniature RM260 RM190
  6. Burberry Sport EDT 50ml  RM190 RM140
  7. BLV Eau D'ete Summer EDT 50ml RM195 RM125
  8. BLV 11 EDP 50ml RM220 RM125
  9. BLV Notte Pour Femme EDP 75ml RM270
  10. Omnia Crystalline EDT 40ml+ Body Lotion 75ml+ Shower Gel 75ml RM270  RM190
  11. Omnia Green Jade EDT 65ml + Body Lotion 75ml + Pouch RM300 RM185
  12. Blvgari Rose Essential EDP 50ml + Body Lotion 75ml + Pink Bag RM370 RM190
  13. Calvin Klien Beauty EDP 50ml + Body Lotion 100ml RM280 RM199
  14. CK One We Are Magnet EDT (Limited Edition 2010) RM150 BEST PRICE
  15. Escape By Calvin Klien EDP 100ml+ Body Lotion 200ml RM330 RM230
  16. Eternity Momment EDP 100ml RM170.00 BEST PRICE
  17. Secret Obsession EDP 100ml RM250 RM150
  18. CK one Shock For Her EDT 200ml + Body Lotion 200ml RM220.00 BEST PRICE
  19. Ed Hardy Wild Born EDP 100ml RM220 RM165.00
  20. Ed Hardy Wild Born EDP 100ml + Body Lotion 90ml + Shower gel 90ml + Miniature+ Luggage Tag RM400 RM220
  21. Ed Hardy Heart Dagger EDP 100ml + Body Lotin 90ml+Shower Gel + Miniature RM400 RM220
  22. Ed Hardy Love & Luck Mermaid EDP 100ml + Body Lotion 90ml + Body Lotion 90ml+ Miniature  RM400 RM220
  23. Ed Hardy Love & Luck Mermaid 100ml  RM240 RM165
  24. Ed Hardy Villain EDP 125ml RM255.00 RM170
  25. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue EDP 75ml + Body Lotion 100ml RM200 RM150
  26. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue After EDP 125ml RM180 RM125
  27. Elizabeth Arden Beauty EDP 100ml RM190 RM125
  28. Arden Green Tea EDP 100ml + Body Cream RM210 RM135
  29. Gucci Flora EDT 50ml + Body Lotion 100ml RM300 RM235
  30. Guess By Marciano EDP 100ml RM220 RM125
  31. Guess Seductive EDT 75ml RM230 RM125
  32. Guess Seductive i'm yours EDT RM220 RM 125
  33. J.Lo Live Lux EDP 100ml RM150
  34. My Glow EDT 100ml RM200 RM120
  35. Jimmy Choo EDT 60ml RM220 RM165
  36. Katy Perry Meow EDP 175ml RM200  BEST PRICE
  37. Katy Perry Purr EDP 100ml RM220 RM148
  38. Lolita Lempicka Eau Du Desir EDT 100ml RM300 RM170
  39. Lolita Lempicka EDP 100ml  RM300 RM185
  40. Marc Jacobs  Lola EDP 50ml +  Shower gel 75ml + Body Lotion RM360 RM240
  41. Moschino Cheap & Chic Hippy Fizz EDT 100ml RM240 RM165
  42. Moschino I Love EDT 100ml RM245 RM170
  43. Nanette Lepore EDP 100ml RM250 RM150
  44. Nanette Lepore EDP 50ml + Bubble Bath 200ml + miniature RM295 RM120
  45. Nina Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon EDP 50ml RM210 RM160 (Limited Edition)
  46. Nina Ricci Reflect Mysteriex EDP 80ml RM250 RM180  (Limited Edition)
  47. My Morgan EDT 100ml RM190 RM110
  48. Morgan Sweet Paradise EDT 100ml RM190 RM110
  49. Psychedelice Morgan EDT 100ml RM120
  50. Paris Hilton South Beach EDT 100ml RM180   RM122
  51. Paris Hilton Tokyo EDT 100ml RM182 RM122
  52. Paul Smith EDP 100ml RM240 RM165
  53. Paul Smith Extreme EDT 100ml RM240 RM165
  54. Paul Smith Rose EDP 100ml RM240 RM165
  55. Paul Smith Rose Summer Edition EDT 100ml RM210 RM150
  56. Paul Smith Extreme 50ml+ Body Lotion 75ml RM230 RM160
  57. Prada Infusion De Fleur D'oranger EDP 200ml RM430 RM270
  58. Roxy Love EDT 100ml RM190 RM120
  59. Salvatore Ferragamo Icanto Charm EDT 100ml RM240 RM150
  60. Salvatore Ferragamo Icanto Shine EDT 100ml RM240 RM150
  61. Salvatore Ferragamo Icanto Bliss EDT 100ml RM250 RM165
  62. Vera Wang Bouquet EDP 100ml RM280 RM195
  63. Versace Versus Red Jeans EDT 75ml RM110

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